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Serving Seattle City Limits


Service Plumbing

Service plumbing covers all of the small plumbing issues you have at your house.  Things like drippy faucets, running toilets, jammed garbage disposers, and the like.  We can help.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

From a clog in your bathroom sink to the worst root infiltrated sidesewer, we can get it open.  We have a lot of specialized tools and techniques to get your sewer open in a hurry.  We can help.

Sewer and Water Service Repair

Your sewer or water service went unoticed for decades until today.  Its easy to forget these major house utilities since they are buried underground, but today, you noticed.  Perhaps the city sent you a $2,000.00 water bill, then a letter shortly after that stating that you may have a water leak.  Perhaps you had a sewer video inspection performed when you bought the house and you now want to get it fixed.  We can help.

Sewer Video Inspection

Having issues with your sewer line and want to know exactly what is wrong with it without having to dig it up?  Home Inspector or real estate agent advise you to inspect your sewer line?  Tired of getting your sewer line cleaned out every year and ready to do something about it?  We have top of the line video equipment along with the ability to electronically locate the exact spot that is compromised.  Unlike companies that only do video inspections, we have the technical ability to notice things that they miss on a regular basis; its like having the doctor doing your exam instead of their assistant.  We can help.

High Pressure Water Jetting

There are many times that the typical sewer cleaning machine cannot clear a blockage out of your sewer line.  Things like grease and soft type blockages can't be cleaned out effectively with a cable type machine, so you need to use a "jetter".  Not only are jetters good for cleaning the soft type blockages but they are very effective at cleaning out roots also.  We can effectively cut the roots out of a 6" sewer line through a mere 3" cleanout in your house, saving thousands by not having to cut in a larger cleanout that would be needed to use the older "cable" technology.  Once again, we can help.